Referral Program

About our doctor referral program

At Your Doctor Jobs we love nothing more than a great referral from one of our doctors, clients or anyone for that matter.

Our permanent referral program is the key to any client’s success and is the one that we reward well, and the more times you refer the more generous the Directors become.

Refer a doctor who is accepted for a permanent placement and we would like to reward you with a $1000 AUD/CAN/NZD gift voucher as a big thank you for sending the doctor our way. Part-time placements are pro-rate this amount.

How to refer a doctor

To be eligible for the permanent placement doctor referral reward:

  • You must be a living, breathing human being (You don’t have to be a doctor to refer to Your Doctor Jobs, you could be a practice manager, receptionist or a friend of a doctor);
  • Your referred friend must name you as the person who referred them to Your Doctor Jobs at the time of their registration or application for one of our permanent medical jobs;
  • The doctor you refer must be contracted for a minimum placement of 12 months; if less, then rewards will be on a pro-rata basis.

After your friend has completed three months in their new permanent job, you will receive your referral reward voucher.