Locum Canada

There are two types of people in the world: those who embrace change and those who don’t. Which camp do you fall into?

Chances are that if you are working as a locum doctor you have a certain appetite for change. You are excited by the idea of new experiences, new career directions and meeting new people. No challenge is too small, and you relish the idea of a fulfilling job with a good life balance.

Whatever your motivation for working as a locum doctor – lifestyle, adventure, career experience – we can find positions that satisfy you. Challenge your comfort zone or find a physician role that is the perfect fit for you, in remote, rural or metropolitan settings.

The appeal of Canadian locum jobs

Locum jobs provide you with the opportunity to travel across various locations in Canada, jumping from province to province and experiencing the best that Canada has to offer.

The Great White North is home to a vast array of landscapes and cities, meaning you can experience the stunning Rockies in Alberta one week and jet ski on beautiful Lake Ontario the next!

The flexibility means you won’t get tied down to the mundanity of the same workplace day-in, day-out for years – there can be a new adventure waiting around every corner!

We can make your locum adventure in Canada a reality. Our medical recruitment services are focused on finding the perfect fit between doctor and medical centre every time.

What kind of candidate are you?

Doctors who hold a full unrestricted license in Canada and hold registration with the Medical Council of Canada are eligible for the range of short-or long term locum placements we offer for GPs and a wide range of medical specialties.

International Medical Graduates generally need to commit to working in Canada for a minimum of six months – there are, however, some differences between provinces. Working out which pathway best suits your situation is best discussed on an individual basis, as there are a number of factors that can affect you.

Getting the right support, including help with applying for applying for licensure, working with various licensing bodies, dealing with immigration and meeting potential medical practices or centres, is key to the Your Doctor Jobs difference.

Locum registration can take some time, especially if you are transferring between Canadian provinces, so applying early and allowing yourself 6-8 months for the licensing process will ensure you’re embarking on your Canadian adventure sooner rather than later.

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