Employers FAQ

Some of the questions employers ask us most:

How is Your Doctor Jobs different to other medical recruitment agencies?

    • 40 years of industry knowledge across multiple disciplines – we genuinely understand the challenges and complexities that employers face in finding the right doctors to fill positions and the hidden challenges that some vacancies face;
    • Experience and expertise – the Your Doctor Jobs team has the knowledge, network and resources to understand your requirements and ensure that the right doctor is found for you no matter where you are located in Australia, Canada or New Zealand;
    • Quality assurance – we’re proud of our attention to detail and our uncompromising commitment to quality. We benchmark ourselves against rigorous Australasian and international standards and always encourage feedback on how we can improve our service to you.

How can employers be assured that Your Doctor Jobs will find the right doctor to fill a vacancy?

Although only just established, we have brought with us the best and most refined screening and selection processes to ensure that we can introduce the right doctor to the right job for every client every time.

Our Consultants are RCSA Associates or Members, meaning we are committed to quality and service. You can rest assured that Your Doctor Jobs has the systems, processes and procedures in place to ensure we are supporting you with the best service and delivering the outcomes you need.

What parts of the recruitment process does Your Doctor Jobs take care of?

Your Doctor Jobs will cover all aspects of the recruitment process; from advertising your job vacancy to facilitating a signed agreement between doctor and employer, and everything in between, especially that dreaded paper trail! We employ a comprehensive screening and job matching process and ensure credentialing, Medicare requirements and logistics are organised. Put simply, we allow you to get on with what you do best; managing your practice and taking care of patients. Contact us today so that one of our consultants can begin finding the right doctor to fill your vacancy.

What types of doctors do Your Doctor Jobs recruit?

We recruit doctors looking for locum, sabbatical or permanent work, from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and any other comparable country. Your Doctor Jobs currently fill positions in General Practice and all specialties and sub-specialties. Your Doctor Jobs possesses an extensive doctor database so it’s likely that we already have the right doctor to suit your requirements.

Contact us today so that one of our consultants can begin finding the right doctor to fill your vacancy.

What types of employers do Your Doctor Jobs recruit for?

Your Doctor Jobs recruits for a diverse range of employers throughout Australia, Canada and New Zealand and a wide range of overseas countries from private practices and medical centres through to large clinics and public or private hospitals. Your Doctor Jobs’ experience and expertise enables us to support all types of employers effectively and efficiently. Contact us today so that one of our consultants can begin finding the right doctor to fill your vacancy.

Are there any upfront expenses for listing a vacancy with Your Doctor Jobs?

No. Your Doctor Jobs will not charge you a cent before we have facilitated a signed agreement between doctor and employer. We advertise, screen, job match and fill at our own expense, and do this in a way that ensures vacancies are filled quickly with the right doctor.

How can Your Doctor Jobs get broad and effective exposure for job vacancies?

Your Doctor Jobs’ has a large reach and is highly experience when it comes to identifying the right doctor. We are able to actively and effectively market your vacancies around the globe but we don’t give away trade secrets. We have an industry-leading website, weekly Hot Jobs newsletters, social media and at international conferences. This all helps to gain maximum exposure for your vacancy and enables us to find the best doctors quickly.

What are Your Doctor Jobs' Terms of Engagement and fees?

Your Doctor Jobs has an intimate understanding of the challenges and complexities of running a practice. Our Terms of Engagement and fee structure are reflective of this and are highly competitive amongst medical recruitment agencies. To obtain a copy of our Terms of Engagement, register with us today and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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