Working in Australia

How long will it take for me to be able to work in Australia?

For international graduates who hold fellowship in either UK, Ireland, NZ or Canada, the process will typically take six months (if there are no delays in the lodgement process). Please refer to the international page diagram for a simple graphic outlining the process.

If you are not from one of these countries then the process may take longer (up to 12 months), but positions are limited for the Area of Need pathway, especially for General Practice medicine.

Don’t stress about the paperwork – a Your Doctor Jobs consultant will assist you every step of the way.

How much can I earn as a GP sabbatical/permanent doctor in Australia?

Sabbatical rates are not fixed and can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including location, seniority, hospital or private clinic, specialty and the level of position responsibility.

Typically a GP-only sabbatical doctor can earn between $25,000 AUD to $35,000 AUD per month, depending on the location. GP/VMO (Hospital Visitation) doctors and specialists will earn upward of $40,000 AUD per month.

GP Permanent doctors in Australia are contractors and not employees, so they receive a percentage of the billings from patients they see. This service fee can vary depending on the client and location, but the average is 65%. When a doctor first starts in Australia, Your Doctor Jobs likes its clients to offer a minimum rate of around $120 AUD to $150 AUD per hour, or 65% of billings, whichever is greater. This way you have greater financial security, and it places more emphasis on the client to ensure you are busy and productive from day one.

Please note: These rates are a guideline only, as the sabbatical market can fluctuate greatly; rates are subject to rapid change.

How does tax work in Australia?

Your Doctor Jobs is not able to directly provide you with taxation advice – that is why we have a partnership with a specialist financial institution and close associations with one of the major banks to ensure you receive the right advice tailored to your needs.

To get you started, we recommend you check out the ATO website.

What medical indemnity do I need to work as a sabbatical/permanent doctor in Australia?

For sabbatical/permanent doctors working as hospital PAYG employees (candidates placed on the hospital payroll), you will be covered by the hospital’s State Medical Indemnity Policy. Some hospitals also offer indemnity cover to sole traders and PTY limited companies (contractors) for the duration of their sabbatical/permanent posting. However, this is at the discretion of the client, and Your Doctor Jobs can’t insist that our clients provide guaranteed cover for a sabbatical/permanent doctor not on payroll. It is your responsibility to have an understanding of exactly what you are covered for before commencing any medical posting.

Regardless of whether or not the client provides you with medical indemnity cover for the duration of your sabbatical/permanent posting, Your Doctor Jobs recommends that all our doctors working in Australia have their own private indemnity at all times with run off cover.
We recommend using MDA National for all indemnity enquiries.

Do I need to charge GST as a contractor in Australia?

As a contractor you will need to pay GST if your earnings exceed $75,000 AUD per annum. You can register for GST online. This means you will need to charge an additional 10% GST on top of your gross earnings. At the end of the financial year the hospital or GP clinic will then claim the GST back from the ATO. All PAYG works and contracts in Australia are expected to complete a yearly self assessment and to lodge a Tax Return on an annual basis with the ATO.

Further information can be found on the ATO website

What is the shortest time a Canadian can work in Australia?

This is a loaded question and dependent on a variety of circumstances. Most commonly, the situation that Canadian doctors who want to work in Australia find themselves in is that they have never worked in Australia before, are not an Australian Citizen but do hold Family Medicine Fellowship CCFP.

If this is the case, the first time you take a GP placement in Australia through Your Doctor Jobs, it would need to be for at least six months at the same location. Australian clients are more than happy to take Canadian doctors, but they are looking for return on time investment, as it takes a while to induct, mentor and educate a Canadian doctor to the Australian system.

The registration process takes around six months to complete, so Your Doctor Jobs advises Canadian doctors to start the registering in March to be ready for placement in November. This way you can swap skiing in the Canadian winter for surfing in the beautiful Australian summer!

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