About Your Doctor Jobs

Our experience with doctor recruitment

Your Doctor Jobs might be a new name in the recruitment industry but, we’re old hands at finding the best jobs for doctors! With over 40 years’ collective experience in medical recruitment, the boutique team at Your Doctor Jobs are experts in providing an efficient and personalised service to you.

At Your Doctor Jobs we specialise in physician and doctor recruitment to Australia, Canada and New Zealand, providing high quality locum, sabbatical and permanent recruitment solutions.

The team at Your Doctor Jobs are very passionate about the type of placements that we conduct and being a niche and boutique company gives Your Doctor Jobs the freedom and energy to focus on areas that can make a difference to a doctor, medical centre or an entire community.  So we focus our attention on the following:

  • Australia – Sabbatical and Permanent recruitment only.
  • New Zealand – Sabbatical and Permanent recruitment only.
  • Canada – Locum, Sabbatical and Permanent recruitment.

Your Doctor Jobs stay successful by forming close relationships with our doctors and clients and having the in-depth knowledge required to achieve a ‘perfect match’ between vacancies and medical professionals. We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises.

Our Vision

To be an agency partner for life to our doctors and provide strategic and innovative recruitment solutions to our clients.

Our Mission

To exceed expectation.


  • Trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Accuracy
  • Enthusiasm

Why Use Your Doctor Jobs?

For Doctors:

  • Your Doctor Jobs take time to know you, your lifestyle and your career needs, To match them up with the perfect job. We want the best outcome for everyone in our circle; you, our clients and our staff, and making the ‘perfect match’ is the best outcome for all of us.
  • We do everything possible to help ease the inevitable paperwork burden! We won’t promise there is no paperwork, but we will work with you, assist you and sympathise with you every step of the way!
  • Find it hard to sell yourself in workplace negotiations? With Your Doctor Jobs you don’t have to. If you are accepted as a partner with us, then we must think you are pretty great and that makes our job of negotiating on your behalf easy!
  • We love to surprise you (with nice surprises only). Your Doctor Jobs don’t subscribe to traditional rewards programmes that are essentially standard gifts for just doing your job. Not with us. We want to know you, and we want to reward you for going above and beyond, for being involved in your communities and for just being amazing. You never know what might come and when, but it will be just for you!

For Clients:

  • We don’t make costly mistakes (simple but important).
  • We actually are a personalised service (and that’s not lip service). We will take the time to get to know you, your culture and your specific needs. We will match you up with one of our consultants in the same manner that we match your vacancies with our doctors… making sure that our consultant’s knowledge and business style matches your needs.
  • We are your employment dating agency and our aim is to find your ‘perfect match’. Your Doctor Jobs ensure the right doctor is matched to the right client with no surprises.
  • Paperwork is all part of the process unfortunately, but Your Doctor Jobs manage as much of this burden for you as we can and then assist you every step of the way with the rest. We will even try to make it fun where we can!
  • Our staff are experts in their field. They will always work professionally discreetly, ethically and with integrity.